The Grampians, Victoria


We love a hike day!!  Today we drove around 2 hours to the Grampians.

Alex, Stuart & I set out pretty early for the drive and the weather was routing us on the whole way!  Me being a tree geek was sat in the back in complete silence just staring at all of the trees!  Half because I love trees and half because I want to see a Koala bear!

We arrived around midday at our first stop, Boroka Lookout.  Here you can see for miles across trees, lakes and tiny tiny towns!  It was so beautiful.  There were quite a few people stood around taking pictures when we got there so we decided to go one further by climbing over the railings for our pictures!  Stu being scared of heights wasn’t such a fan but braved it for one picture!




After we’d played around on the rocks a little and made all the tourists gasp, we got back in the car to drive further into the mountains to find Mackenzie Falls!



It didn’t take us too long to find it, and with our every intention being to swim in the falls we made our way down to the base.  Around half way down there was a look out area which was pretty cool, but we didn’t hang about for long before we pretended we didn’t see the ‘Mackenzie Falls Closed’ sign and carried on down the stairs.


As we got further down the stairs we could see the route had been closed off with orange plastic – that didn’t stop us!  We climbed over and began to walk down further until we came across a bunch of work men…  DAMN!  We had admitted defeat and settled for the tiny waterfall pool which wasn’t closed just a few steps back up!


While we were here, the work guys made their way up the stairs.  We were so scared we thought we were going to get chucked out!  But they smiled and walked back past us…  Sweet!  That meant there was no one to send us back up from the bottom of Mackenzie falls!

After taking pictures, we quickly packed our things back up – snuck under the orange plastic and ran down the stairs.  It was completely empty!





We all messed around running across stones in the water, getting pictures and Alex braved the cold waters!  We were alone down there for so long before other tourists clocked on and started to come down too – oops!  After we’d got what we came for we packed up and decided to venture down the waterbed trail a little further.  It was so peaceful and beautiful – but in the back on Stu & my mind all we could think of was the spiders and snakes so made Alex turn around so we could get back to safety!




After a long walk back to the car we had a little breather before making our way to our third and final stop – the balconies!


Once there, we could straight away see why it was named the balconies.  It was literally like a balcony looking over forests, mini mountains and lakes!  Another beautiful view for us to soak up!


Once again, we all jumped over the railings, climbed all over the rocks to get some better pictures!  Sorry mum!!


Once happy with the outcome, we walked back to the car for the final time ready for our long journey back!


Hike days always leave us the happiest, and today was no different!

Thanks for a awesome day Alex!


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