Sovereign Hill, GEEK OVERLOAD

So it was my Birthday not so long ago and the guys we’re staying with in Ballarat were king enough to get Stu & I tickets for Sovereign Hill to celebrate!  Both Stu & I are such geeks so this was the perfect present for both him & me!

If you haven’t heard of Sovereign Hill before, it’s a handmade town a few km’s away from where there were actually a real goldrush town back in the 1850’s.  People from all over both Australia and the rest of the world travelled here as soon the gold rich land was heard of.  Workmen together brought the town to life in order for families to stay local while they ventured on their mission for gold.  I could go on forever, but I don’t want to ruin it for any of you that are interested and want to experience the place yourselves!

So you get the jist, it’s a replica town of what life would have been like almost 200 years ago in Australia.  So that morning, we woke up early and headed out for our big day – before coming back to the house as I forgot the tickets…  But still, we arrived at Sovereign Hill in good time!

As soon as you step out of your car you are greeted by the sounds of olden cheerful music played across the car park!  That’s certainly one way to get you into character.  You then make your way through to the ticket booths where they instruct you on how to get to the information centre just below ground.  You can skip this part altogether, however I highly recommend you don’t!  It’s so informative and really gets you in the mindset before walking around the town!

Then you’re unleashed into the 1850’s!  As soon as you come out the other side, the smells, sounds and surroundings are completely mind blowing.  It really is like stepping back in time.  There are horses and carriages, tents, barns, work shops and everyone walking around is head to toe in character, and no matter how hard we tried – none of them broke out of it!



Throughout the day there are demonstrations and guided tours to help you get more of a feel of how things would have been to live back in those days.  We were lucky enough to walk straight into the blacksmith demonstration.  The guy in charge showed us how he made all sorts of iron creations and they were even available to buy afterwoods!

From there we did some more walking, in and out of shops, doctors, bars and bakerys!  All of which were tended by the best actors & actresses who knew the answer to all of your questions!






Next we found a bowling alley!  But not as we know it, the balls had no holes – you had to use both hands and then once you were done you had to run to the other end of the room, reset your own pins and roll the bowling balls back down the shoot!  Things were hard back then, and this proves it!  We spent a while in there, I won of course! 



We then walked around the back of sovereign Hill to the residential homes!  This was cool as you could just walk around the houses – which also turned out to be pretty eerie too – just take a look at these rooms!




After we had been creeped out by a 1850’s lady who was there when we went in one room but gone when we came back out (we were literally in there for 10 seconds and she had just disappeared – we looked everywhere for her) we took a quick peek into the school before an actual real school class turned up and then ended up at the wood work barn! 




This was pretty cool as every carriage ect you see around Sovereign Hill is made here which I didn’t know at first!  Look at some of their creations!




From there we went on an underground tour to what a gold mine would have been like back in the day, just much deeper and scarier!  I did try to take pictures but it was way too dark and flash wasn’t allowed!  It only lasted around 15 minutes but it was so cool and left Stu & I wanting to dig for gold for the rest of our days!

So that’s what we began to do.


We made our way to the creak and panned for gold.  We did find some, however the flakes were so tiny the camera barely picked them up (embarrassing I know)…


At this point, the camera battery died so there aren’t anymore pictures to share but we did go to the Gold Museum which is included in your ticket price!  It’s just across the road and contains real gold nuggets worth thousands!  This is also definitely worth a visit and once again left us wanting to dig for gold…


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