Exploring Ballarat, Victoria

After a dodgy hour ferry ride that left me pretty damn sea sick, and a 2 hour car journey that I slept through, me made it to Ballarat!!

Our first night consisted of pretty much sleeping – our second day was spent working away in a coffee shop but by day 3 we were ready to play!


First stop, Nimmons Bridge!  The actual trail that surrounds Nimmons Bridge is 53km long and we certainly were NOT walking that in 30 degree heat so we settled for the beautiful & peaceful area both below and on top of the bridge.  Now for a fun fact…


Nimmons Bridge was hand built back in the 1850’s connecting small towns like Ballarat, Haddon, Smythesdale, Pittong & Skipton together during the great gold rush in Victoria!  The bridge is so rickety, it looks like something out of a wild west film – I can definitely imagine old stream trains running across it full of gold!



We walked around for a little while, inspecting spiders and watching out for snakes (that we never actually saw) before agreeing that it was too hot and moving on.



Next destination was blue waters.  I’m not sure if this is the actual name of it, or whether locals just call it blue waters because, well, of the blue water?  But it was so magical!  Like something you’d see in a ‘Visit Canada’ ad, not in the middle of the bush!


We messed around here for a little while, taking pictures and trying to work out why the water was so blue!  When the sun came out to play the surface of the water literally looked fake, that’s when we ran back to take more pictures!




Our last stop for today was Calambeen Park in Creswick.  Unfortunately for me, I had to just sit and watch everyone cooling off in the manmade lake which included Stuart!  Calambeen Park is a hidden little gem where families of all ages can come to cool off for free!  Way back when, diving/jumping boards were installed – they are meant to be closed, however when we got there somebody had busted the gate open!  Even the tiniest of kiddies were jumping off!


There were three tiers to jump from originally, however the highest tier has now been removed for safety reasons & a rope swing installed in its place (by locals)!  Stu, the big kid had a go on both tiers and the rope swing!  And if I could get my hands on some footage I got of Stu and get a still from it… You’d die of laughter!  He held onto the rope swing a little too long and ended up hitting the water back first…  Sounds painful, but it was so funny to watch!


All in all, today was a success!  Seeing Ballarat was lovely and learning about some of the history that happened in this little town was a bonus for a geek like me!


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