Dinner on the boat, the Bay

For the second time in a week, we were having dinner on the boat!  Result!!  Only this time, David had been out all day catching fish for dinner!  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a meal as this, and that’s saying something!

In the day, we all ran around doing errands and making sure we had got everything else needed for the boat that night.  You know, beers and stuff…

Once done, we all got in the car and drove down to the marina to join David on board the boat.  Bentley drove beside us on his jet ski for added fun!  We kept it local tonight, so once out of the marina we headed towards Mornington beach and anchored ourselves in the bay!






Before dinner, we all had a go on the jet ski.  First Bentley, then Stuart, followed by David


& lastly, Allegra & I!


Everyone had enjoyed their fair share of the jet ski, & when Allegra & I were out we joked about breaking down.  We jinxed it, we broke down!  We were out so far, we were slightly scared and we didn’t think anyone was coming for us!  Allegra was stood on the back on the jet ski waving down the guys on the boat who must of thought it was a big ol’ joke because they didn’t move for a while!


At last, we were saved!  The guys came out to get us and just in time for tea too!  David filleted the fish he had caught that day while Bentley cooked the chicken (Stu doesn’t like fish), and then cooked the fish!  Donna got everything else ready for the Bruschetta while Allegra & I got over our trauma until it was time to dig in!


The easiest way to describe dinner is:  THE BEST DINNER EVER!  Even after I was full I was still eating away and just as the sun was setting too!



However Stu & I did fit in a spot of swimming before darkness completely fell!


Another perfect night out on the boat!  Thank you again Gregori’s, we love you!!



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