Main Ridge Estate, Mornington

**I need to make you all aware before you read this…  I know nothing about wine or vineyards – we just happened to be at one today and wanted to share with you the experience…  So if some things don’t make sense, maybe look past it and laugh at my expense?  Thanks!

So today we ran an innocent errand for Donna & David and ended up at a vineyard.


To explain a little more, we went to pick up a fridge that they had brought which happened to be off of a family who owned a very beautiful vineyard.  We wasn’t expecting any wine or anything it just, happened?


Basically, while Bentley was slaving away trying to get this fridge in the back of the car, Stu & I got chatting away to the mother of the family who own Main Ridge Estate.  Stu & I had so many questions, we just kept asking and asking away.  After a little while, she took us past a mulberry tree – gave me some of those to try and then over to the vines to tell us a little more about which grapes will be turned into which wines and how long the process takes!  She then fed me grapes…  I didn’t mind!


After being outside for a while, Bentley had won the battle of getting the fridge in the back of the car and we were all set to leave when the lovely lady asked us if we’d like to taste the wines.


I hate wine.  All kinds of wine, I really can’t stand it so I was a bit worried about this situation we’d got ourselves in.  Stu & Bentley we’re loving it being wine drinkers and all so as we walked into the closed restaurant I gave myself a little pep talk to psych myself up as if I was just given an awful smelling shot…


James, the son who was kind enough to talk us through each wine, gave us a glass each and began pouring the first of the 4 bottles placed in front of us – 2015 Chardonnay.  As soon as the other two picked up their glasses I grabbed mine and finished the glass in one (treating it as if it were actually a shot).  Success!  Not only had I finished it without making any awkward faces, I actually liked it!

When I looked over to both Stu & Bentley, I could see they had taken the tiniest of sips from their glass – awkward.  Now I was stood there trying to cover my glass so no one thought I was an alcoholic while patiently waiting for it to be topped up…

The next one we tasted was another Chardonnay but this time it was from 2013, at first I was a little put off by the fact it was from 2013 however when James began to explain the processes of wine, defining vintage and assuring me it was perfectly normal to drink something that was 4 years old I thought why not!  I was pleasantly surprised once again as I actually really liked this one too, and like a true pro I had only taken a sip this time!  I was getting good at this.

After another little informative chat we moved onto the Acre 2015 Pinot Noir!  Probably my favourite of the four, after finishing mine I slyly looked either side to see if there was anything left in the boys hands – to no avail!  This wine went down super well on all three parts!

Lastly, it was time for the 2015 Merlot!  Still a very nice wine, but I have to say the Pinot was still the centre of my attention!  James finished off with explaining how long each wine takes to become ready – from the moment the grapes are picked to the moment the bottles are sealed – the Merlot takes around 2 years!!  That’s crazy, but I guess well worth the wait!

The guys here are all so passionate about what they do, super informative and some of the friendliest people I have come across on our travels!  If you’re close to the Mornington area I would for sure recommend a visit to Main Ridge Estate!  Although if you aren’t nearby, don’t fear!  They sell their wines online, just head over to their website, here!


James also dropped into conversation that their wines are highly sought after and as each stage is done by hand – they only make a certain amount each year so do not miss out!!


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