Mornington Beach & the Pillars, Victoria

Feeling much better than yesterday, and determined not to waste daylight hours we woke up a lot earlier than yesterday and headed out for breakfast & coffee.

Full up and wide awake we walked only a few steps to the beach, perfect!  We set up towels on the beautiful sandy beach and did what we do best – sunbathe.  These cute little beach huts run all along the beach, from one end to the other!  However, their price isn’t too cute.  I was told they are well over $500,000.00 AUD!


After a short while sunbathing, Bentley came and met us on his jet ski – now that’s more like it!  After a short fight on who was going on first and discovering Stuart had never been on a jet ski before I gave in and let him jump on for his first ever go!


After Stu came back to shore (he was out for so long!) it was my turn!  I forgot how good it felt to be on a jetski!  I literally spent the whole time with a massive grin on my face!  Stu had come out on the back with me and we decided maybe we should stop hogging it and let Bentley have a go!


Once back at shore, we watched Bentley soar across the water much faster than we did while continuing to top up our tan!  He’s crazy good!  He came back pretty soon and we spent the next hour or so chilling out on the beach, talking to other travellers and drinking warm water – yum!


Then we came up with a master plan!  3 of us on the jet ski plus all our belongings from Mornington beach to the pillars…  At first it wasn’t such a great idea.  We had put all our things in compartments on the jet ski – things like cameras, phones you know the stuff that can’t get wet… – then Stu got on first, I got on second and Bentley got on last.  We obviously hadn’t distributed weight properly as the jet ski began to lean to one side.  If Bentley hadn’t of jumped off it would of flipped!

We decided to give it another go and we were successful.  Although we couldn’t travel very fast, we made it to the Pillars without flipping the jet ski!  We anchored the jet ski and all climbed and slipped across super slippery rocks until we got to shore.  Then the slippery rocks turned into sharp rocks – I honestly don’t know which I preferred!

We slowly but shorely (see what I did there…) made our way to the side of the Pillars where we had to climb up – this was also quite tricky!  But at last we were there!  It was super busy with both locals and travellers which was cool but in the end we didn’t jump in!  Stu started to feel a little sick from sun stroke so instead of jet skiing back and getting a lift back to Mount Martha we decided to walk…

I won’t go into too much detail but what should have been a 20 minute walk, turned into a 150 minute walk, Stuart drank all my water, I gained 13 blisters on my feet and when we were finally home I had to have a 2 hour nap from the banging headache that had developed.  You can fill in the blanks, cause it’s still a little too soon to be able to laugh about it…


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