Dinner on the boat, Safety Beach

After a huge disaster of a flight from Honolulu Airport to Sydney, then a brief flight from Sydney to Melbourne, finishing with an hour’s drive from Melbourne Airport to Mount Martha, we finally got to lay our little heads on a pillow and get some shut eye.


The following day was more or less completely wasted by us sleeping in until 2pm (it was much needed, let me tell you!) but we made dinner count!  We went down to the sea front, brought fish and chips with the Gregori’s (Allegra was there in spirit) and took them down to the dock with us.


We boarded the boat and made our way out into the bay where we found a lovely little spot looking back at Safety Beach. We then dropped the anchor and got stuck into dinner!  We had a few guests in the form of Seagulls but dinner was so good, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to share!


Dinner was washed down with a few beers – we’re in Australia after all… and Stu plucked up some Dutch courage and jumped in!  Me being me, again, may or may not of shouted ‘SHARK’ as loud as I could (horrible I know) which soon saw Stu getting back out of the water just in time for sunset!


This was probably one of the nicest sunsets I’ve seen and I’ve seen a few!  But we were out in the water with literally not one single obstruction in the way of watching the sun go down and the sky turn pink!  It was like a dream!

So our first full day wasn’t a complete waste after all!


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